The range of services that eacon provides, includes the following:


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Integrated EU Lobbying

eacon relies on integrated EU Lobbying, which means that the three most important EU institutions, the Parliament, the Commission and the Council, get drawn into the strategic planning. This also includes the national perspective of each member state, whose interests are represented by the council.

EU Representation

Support and advice is given in creating an EU presence and in aiming to achieve an optimal position towards the EU institutions. This includes staff training in the field of EU Lobbying. eacon also offers to accomplish representational duties in Brussels and is prepared to provide the necessary infrastructure.


Monitoring is the continuous observation and research of developments, decisions, topics and programmes which are relevant for an organisation or company. This includes providing and processing information and documents as well as identifying communication channels and organisational structures. Through identifying relevant topics and issues at an early stage, the continuous monitoring system provides the ability of being an early-warning system.

Strategy consulting

Strategy consulting provides an analysis of the relevant framework conditions, players and vested interests within the political field. The aim is to outline the decision range and derive various decision options. In order to implement a possible decision alternative it is important to have a good level of communication and coordination with relevant partners and contacts.

Studies and Analysis

Studies and analysis in the area of Public Affairs are made either thematically, problem orientated or according to the decision process, fitted to the given situation. The aim is to generate a suitable knowledge which can be utilised accordingly.


Networking is the support given in the establishment of contacts to the decision makers in politics, media and the civil society. In addition advice is given on the expansion and maintenance of individual contact networks.


Media and Performance Coaching helps you to prepare and train for your performances in the media and in the political arena – when it comes to speech giving and public speaking, TV interviews, press conferences, one on one meeting with journalists and political decision-makers. You learn how to use all relevant interview and statement techniques, and above all, how to express complex ideas in short, pithy and memoramble quotes (“soundbites”) to make your case. You master and control the “secret” rules of communicating with political decision-makers, those small details details that make the difference. As a result, you control your message – all the time.


The acquisition of funds service provides an observation of the European funding programmes and proposals. The service also ensures support during co-operational work with decision makers in the early planning stages of new programmes and legislative processes. In addition our acquisition of funds service offers guidance in processing project proposals, mediates between the contact people and helps in establishing new strategic relationships. Finally, the service also provides support during the implementation of acquisition negotiations.

Event Management

Events are a key element in making acquaintances with organisations and companies. It is an excellent opportunity to establish contacts and create a dialogue with the decision makers in political and economical areas. Our service includes guidance and support in the planning and implementation process of international events.

Internet Consulting

The internet supplements and supports a different form of communication in the field of Public Affairs. It creates a virtual presence for companies and organisations and is thus an important information and interaction platform for political target groups. Online technology permits new forms of liaison management, even though face-to-face communication is still the prime element of Public Affairs. The main potential lies within an intelligent integration of on- and off-line communication which eacon relies on during their consultancy work.

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